Home Events Multiphysics CAE for First-time-right 3D Printing – Archived Webinar
Multiphysics CAE for First-time-right 3D Printing – Archived Webinar

Multiphysics CAE for First-time-right 3D Printing – Archived Webinar


3D Printing is projected as the next industrial revolution and it can potentially influence almost every aspect of our daily life in some way. The missing link or bottle neck in computer aided product development is prototyping or product manufacturing.

New development in 3D printing such as digital material takes product development to newer heights. Functional 3D products with complex shapes for novel functionality can be manufactured right at your desktop. Self-replicating 3D printing machines can revolutionize the industrial manufacturing from linear to nonlinear growth. For end customers, 3D printing technology enables complex, intricate design and high cost production products, custom made.

This webinar will start with an overview of 3D printing technology. The parametric CAD model design methodology in COMSOL for 3D printing will be given. Material modelling for evaluating various materials such as polymers, composites, metals, ceramics and hybrid materials, suitable for 3D Printing will be detailed. Resistive, laser and inductive heating simulations for effective thermal processing will be highlighted. A wide range of 3D printed products from molecular models to consumer products which are engineered using Multiphysics CAE will be showcased.

Organized by COMSOL India

Speaker –

Dr. Raj C Thiagarajan
ATOA Scientific Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Raj Thiagarajan is a successful technology and innovation leader with 25 plus years of global industrial experience in multiphysics-engineered product development. Raj is an alumnus of Cranfield University UK and IITB. He is credited with many patents, publications and excellence awards. Raj is currently growing ATOA into three verticals: ATOA Scientific Technologies, ATOA Software Technologies and ATOA Smart Technologies, for Multiphysics CAE, Engineering Apps and 3D printing, respectively. Their multiphysics CAE expertise helps industry to solve complex engineering problems. ATOA now offers comprehensive CAD, CAE, CAM solution to its clients.

This is on-demand webinar you can watch anytime as per your convenience. Free registration required.

You can watch the archived webinar at this link.