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Titomic & TAUV Complete Prototyping

Titomic & TAUV Complete Prototyping

  • World-first ultralight Titanium Additive Manufactured (AM) Soldier System products
  • R&D to commercial readiness of Defence Products manufactured using TKF
  • Titomic Bureau delivers ISO-9001 accredited opportunities in $9.8B1 Soldier Systems

Australian digital manufacturing solutions company Titomic Limited (ASX: TTT) (“Titomic” or “Company”) is pleased to provide an update to prior market announcements1 regarding completion of TAUV Soldier System $300,000 Phase II Project Agreement.

The Phase II Project Agreement between TAUV and Titomic required Titomic to deliver 5 prototype defense Soldier System products, which are classified as being any equipment which is intended to be personally carried, worn or deployed, used by military or civil security personnel and which enhance the individual and unit collective safety, lethality, mobility and connectivity.

Titomic has now delivered the 5 Soldier System products manufactured using the Titomic Kinetic Fusion (TKF) AM process (TKF AM) to TAUV for further testing and assessment under TAUV’s Soldier System exclusivity thereby successfully demonstrated the unique capability of the TKF AM process to manufacture Soldier Systems products.

Titomic’s exclusively licensed IP from the CSRIO enables complex-shaped Titanium products to be manufactured with improved performance characteristics encompassing the advantages of sovereign industrial capability in comparison to traditionally manufacturing processes. Titomic’s TKF AM process has achieved significant performance improvements for TAUV creating new game-changing manufacturing capabilities for the defence industry.

TAUV, in partnership with Titomic utilising its unique TKF AM manufacturing capability, is fast-tracking immediate commercial opportunities for the global $9.8B2 Soldier Systems market with key industry partners.

Titomic’s delivery of these initial 5 TAUV soldier system products in less than 6 months is substantially faster than the defence industry R&D standard of 18-24 months. The TKF accelerated timeframes, from prototype to production, creates global revenue opportunities for digital manufacturing across various industries with reduced cost with increased process efficiencies from our ISO-9001 accredited Titomic Melbourne TKF Bureau.

Jeff Lang, Titomic Managing Director commented, “The successful delivery of the TAUV prototypes in just a matter of months further demonstrates the superior economics of TKF metal AM to compete, not only with other additive manufacturing companies, but with traditional methods like investment casting, metal injection moulding and CNC.The TAUV project is a world first for additive manufactured Titanium defence products and realises Titomic Kinetic Fusion viability for commercial mass production and revenue opportunities. This is a significant milestone for Titomic’s commercial revenue opportunities.”

“Initial testing of TAUV’s high performance soldier system products manufactured by Titomic appear to have superior performance capabilities which we were seeking to achieve during this project utilising Titomic’s TKF additive manufacturing process. If all of the results continue to progress positively, these TKF produced products will provide TAUV with a significant market advantage over our competitors who are manufacturing using traditional methods. Titomic’s TKF process enhances our offering to defence and law enforcement agencies through improved strength, functionality and capability. We have been impressed by Titomic’s very fast concept R&D feasibility process to bring our concept ideas to a commercial realisation,” says Nathan Kalisch, CEO, TAUV.