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3dians.com is the exclusive online information resource, providing single, dedicated platform for 3D printing community in India & SAARC countries providing the latest news, views, events, trends and analysis in the 3D printing industry.

3Dians is a partner site of India’s no.1 CAD, CAM news site ‘DailyCADCAM.com’ and India’s no.1 Machine tools and Manufacturing technology portal ‘MfgTechUpdate.com

Our aim is to bridge the gap between CAD, CAM, CAE and manufacturing community in India by spreading awareness of using 3D printing technology to develop better products. We are committed to bring together the latest developments in 3D printing industry to benefit our readers from manufacturing, medical, food-products, fashion and architectural sector.

If you are looking for the latest news and updates on 3D printing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, 3D printers and all innovations in the area, we have several ways to stay up to date. Find us on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Facebook, or our daily news site, 3dians.com


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